Kanger recall information
KangerTech EVOD Battery Recall


Our supplier has made us aware that KangerTech is doing a voluntary recall of certain EVOD batteries. Please see the information below direct from them. If you think that a battery you have bought from us may qualify for a replacement, please contact All the current batteries for sale are NOT affected by this recall.

From Kanger:
According to our customers' feedbacks and factory's information, some EVOD batteries died after charge in a short time.
KangerTech figured out that there might be problem with 2 or 3 batches of battery cells they got from a battery factory. These batteries are possible to EXPLODE during charge, although the possibility is very very small.

KangerTech attached great importance to the problem and upgraded the protection of EVOD battery and have more strict quality control on the battery cells. The EVOD batteries we are supplying now are all improved ones, there is no such problem.

In order to avoid any serious accident, KangerTech has decided to make the recall on old version of EVOD batteries,
regardless of the high cost.

The potential faulty EVOD batteries are as below:
All EVOD 650mAh batteries in matte black, yellow, blue. All other colors purchased before June 24.
ALL EVOD 1000mAh batteries in yellow, green. All other colors purchased before June 24.
All EVOD starter kits in yellow. All other colors purchased before June 24.

Again: The EVOD batteries we sell online now are improved ones, there is no such problem.
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